What is FxTrade?

FxTrade provides you a new efficient method for massive earning in financial market, via social trading technique. In other words, you will win or lose based on the result of the person whose trading orders you copied.

How can I make money with FxTrade?

On FxTrade, instead of directly trading the market, you follow other financial traders, also known as Trade Providers, to assuredly achieve profit. When finishing registration and investment, you will be offered a wide selection of Providers with public profiles revealing their trading results. They are the one who will trade for you and your result will be reflected in their trades.


How many Trade Providers can I copy?

From 2 to 12. It depends on the fund you choose and your capital. We provide separate list of Trade Providers for each fund.

What if the Trade Providers lose?

Professional and experienced as our Trade Providers are, it is impossible to guarantee 100% of winning. However, you should not worry. Aware of that fact, ApolloTrade has made an effort to minimize the level of risk for our clients with an Insurance Policy of providing up to 100% insurance for covering negative trades.

How to start?

You are recommended to carefully read the related documents before registration. When you understand the operation of our system, you can register an account, deposit, invest and make real profits. Check out the guide for beginners here.

How many accounts can I create?

You can create the one and only live account of your own. Letting others use your account or register under your name is strictly forbidden. In case of detecting multiple registrations, all accounts will be blocked until further clarification or will be terminated permanently. We will be in charge of making final decision.

How can I withdraw money from my account?

When you meet our requirements, you will be able to withdraw profit from your account. The amount for each withdrawal should not be less than $20. After requesting withdrawal, you need to confirm your request in the withdrawal email. If you do not confirm the request in time, your withdrawal will be cancelled and money will be back to your account.


Can I participate as a Trade Provider?

Yes. If you want to become one of our Trade Providers, please read the Trade Provider section carefully and contact us via email.


How many people can I refer / introduce to my referral network?

The number is not limited so you are encouraged to grow your referral network as massive as possible.

Can I register for my referral member?

You may register your referral members in “Network List” section as a start. However, to finish they still need to confirm their email and invest themselves.

Can I change the position of my members?

No. If there is any change of the structure, it should be made and confirmed by the member via his/her registered email.

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