Prior to the process of globalization, trading and investing maintained as a business field of only a minority of the world. However, advances in communication, information, transportation and trading technology have delivered several technology solutions to simplify trading. Its success has made trading no longer an extremely specific working area. Anyone can become a trader nowadays, thanks to technology. Social trading is the latest generation of investment discipline. It allows investors, even if inexperienced, to copy automatically the financial transactions made by one or more professional traders inside a trading network.

Simply saying, by social trading, instead of directly trading the market, you follow, interact with or copy other financial traders, also known as Trade Providers, to assuredly achieve profit. For each trading order, the Trade Copier's percentage rate in total investment is equivalent to the Trade Provider's, which would definitely determine the amount of money you’ll get later, but the profit is ensured.

Forex Trade is a product of TRADE FX LIMITED. For the system to work, the platform has been built with dedication and profession. Our developers have spent years researching the market, find out features about which our clients tend to care the most, optimize the platform interface. But most importantly, with its progressive Copy Trading feature which takes social trading to a whole new level of ease and effectiveness, Forex Trade offers investors more freedom to relax and enjoy their trading. Another benefit of Forex Trade is that you can research the individual Trade Provider you are thinking of copying in-depth, by examining their portfolio, trading history and success rates, since their applications have been carefully selected by us. Their profiles have been recorded and automatically calculated on risk score by machine to determine whether each one qualifies as a Trade Provider or other specific category of clients.


We present to you a web-based platform in which you can freely choose the Trade Providers to follow and enjoy their brilliant trading strategies.

As a Trade Copier, the only task for you is to invest in the strategy of our Trade Provider - the most experienced traders chosen to trade themselves with Forex Trade’s system with a high level of certainty to generate profit according to the available results of their performance. One might choose more than one Trade Provider, just whoever you want to follow on Forex Trade platform, by which way allows your investment fund to copy every order executed by them. So is the profit accordingly, without costing any effort. Only a small part of your profit is used to pay for Trade Provider and another for the operation by Forex Trade, the rest totally belongs to you as you can withdraw to your own wallet anytime.

A triple-win relationship of Trade Copiers, Trade Providers and Forex Trade!

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