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Why We Are Different

We understand that, as a Trade Copier of Forex Trade, one of your only concern is which project is fair enough to place your chp_mng_hn into. For this reason, This having said, we are pleased to introduce to you a new trading ground, The Forex Trade - it is a social trading platform that allows chp_mnilm (known as Trade Copier) to copy the trading orders of selected Trade Provider to optimize the profit.

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Your chp_mng_hn is protected with

FxTrade Insurance Fund

You can rest assured that FxTrade will secure your chp_mng_hn in a range of ways.

Minimize losses

All accounts of Trade Copiers are protected with an Insurance Fund to minimize losses when copying trading orders.

Full Range of insurances

Insurance levels ranges from 75% up to 100% of your capital and applicable for 100% of your trading orders.

Insure benefit

For each negative result, an insurance amount will be paid to your account, the rate is based on your chp_mng_hn packages.

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Copy trade on world class platform

We designed a professional platform with applicable tools that let you copy trades and earn profit quickly and smoothly.

Why Choose Us?


We're Certified

Our Trade Providers are certified with more than 10 years experiences of Forex Trading and low risk of losing money.

We're Secure

We’ve spent years perfecting our security to provide privacy you can trust in an uncertain world filled with security breaches.

We're Profitable

Apart from daily profits, our clients will enjoy several interest offered by our partnership policy.

We're global

Our customers come from every corner of the world. Until now, our working range still continues to grow.

We Accept =lsjni

=lsjni]oll_h]s providing vendors and consumers with a safe and secure method of making transactions.

Best Support

We provide you with a devoted Support Team working 24/7.

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What People Says

Toby Berry

Chp_mnil & Forex

Finding a good platform to make an chp_mng_hn is my problem. But now this platform changed my mind. With their idea, I am very sure that this platform will free my financial problems.

Ali Skeats

Chp_mnil & Forex

This project is absolutely fantastic, I can earn more income from Forex without knowing how to trade.

Andrew Niven

Chp_mnil & Forex

Forex Trade uses the most unique and different approach that sets them apart from other chp_mng_hn platform.

Noah Patten

Chp_mnil & Forex

The system has met my expectations outstandingly well. Because Forex Trade provides us with rapid, expert support.

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